Assembly District 68

Endorsed by Representative Katie Porter

Katie Porter said, "I endorse Ken for Central Committee because of his demonstrated commitment to thoughtful leadership. He will work to create a Democratic Party that is vibrant and strong."


Endorsed by former Irvine Mayor Beth Krom!

I will work to:

1) Build up the infrastructure of the Democratic Party

2) Establish a Code of Conduct with a clear Conflict of Interest policy

3) Encourage Democratic Clubs to promote Democratic candidates at every level.

Throughout 2017-2018 I worked as a leader of the DPOC's "GRO" (Grass Roots Organizing) program that recruited and trained volunteers to contact tens of thousands of voters on behalf of all Democratic candidates. I have knocked on hundreds of doors myself as an active member of the Ambassador, GRO, Neighborhood Organizer, and Adopt a Precinct programs. We worked together with other Democrats to turn Orange County Blue. Thanks to the efforts of people throughout the area we can now say, "Everyone in Orange County California is represented by a Democrat in the United States Congress."

With Ashleigh Aitken for County Supervisor

With Dave Min for State Senate

At the Women's March distributing Democratic Party candidate guide from Democrats of Greater Irvine.

I serve on the Executive and Bylaws committees of the DPOC.

Rusty Hicks selected me for a second term on the CDP Voter Services Committee.

In the past I have also been elected to serve as an ADEM representative and as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Canvassing in Tustin for Ashleigh Aitken for Orange County Supervisor:

"Them doors ain't gonna knock themselves."

With Felicity Figueroa, Jesus Gamboa, and many others at Jesus and Jutta's home for a "Meet and Greet" with Ashleigh Aitken, candidate for Orange County Supervisor.